Owner Sends Dog to Shelter For Being 'Gay'

February 6, 2013 | 10:00am EST

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He was the dog the whole world rallied around to save.

Oreo was sent to a shelter by his owner because he reportedly thought the dog was gay.

An animal rescue group took to Facebook to react, saying, "Don't let this gorgeous dog die because his owner is ignorant! He will be put down tomorrow because there is no room at the inn!"

Thousands responded in disbelief, saying, "This has to be the stupidest person I ever heard of!" and "Morons should not be allowed to own dogs!"

So, who are the owners that the whole world is heaping abuse on?

Sonya White and Darius Perry spoke exclusively to INSIDE EDITION. They said they needed a guard dog, but Oreo, a pitbull, was only interested in playing around with other boy dogs.

"I got Oreo to do a job — to protect the home — and he clearly was not doing it," said Perry.

Can dogs really be gay? We asked animal expert Andrea Arden.

She said, "It's a normal part of social interaction of how dogs negotiate socially, but it really has nothing to do with them being gay."

Thanks to all the attention, Oreo quickly found a new home.

Dog lover Stephanie Fryns adopted Oreo. Now, he's free to play all day in her backyard with her other dogs — both boys and girls. She has renamed him Elton after Elton John.

The shelter said it wants everyone to know the dog has been saved so that their phone will maybe stop ringing off the hook.

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